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Hey Low Carb Lovers!!! You may have seen that I’ve been a little quiet on the social media front lately and you may be wondering why!!! In addition to having Lily join our family in August, there have been big changes in our work family too!! You may or may not know that the original… View Article
Introducing Danny’s Place & why we love lower carb! We at Danny’s Place are excited to write our first blog for Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen. Firstly let’s explain who we are and what we do at Danny’s Place. Danny’s Place is a multidisciplinary team of Dietitians, Paediatricians, Program Nurse Co-ordinator, Paediatric Surgeon, Psychotherapist and Exercise… View Article
As Dietitians this is one of the most frustrating things we see – the one size fits all approach to a lower carb diet! For those people who calorie count, do they all follow the same amount of calories to lose weight? of course, they don’t – this is why Weight Watchers have different point… View Article