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When living Low Carb, you don’t have to give up on sweet treats.Whether it’s a dessert for one, a small treat for after dinner or a dessert for any occasion. Here are 10 low carb date free desserts that you can enjoy without the carb load.

Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Balls

Carbs per ball: 0.9g

These would be the perfect ‘after dinner’ treat, with a cup of tea.

Low Carb Chocolate Brownies

Carbs per piece 3g

These Low Carb Chocolate Brownies are packed with so much goodness, but no one will ever know they are super low carb and healthy!The perfect plate to take to a morning tea when you don’t want to eat sugar and carb loaded treats. They can be frozen, so you can take one out of the freezer whenever you need a choccie hit!

Low Carb Tropical Cheesecake

Carbs per piece: 3.1g

A perfect dessert for entertaining, this Low Carb Tropical Cheesecake brings the tastes of summer to any occasion.


High Protein and Low Carb Rocky Road Recipe

Carbs per portion 4.5g

A perfect on-the-go snack before the gym or as a late night treats to get you through those sugar cravings. It’s also super easy to make with no baking required.


Low Carb Vanilla Berry Protein Pudding

Carbs per serve: 5.3g

This recipe makes 4, so perfect for a small get together, or keep some portions and space them out through the week just for you 😉


Low Carb Chocolate Cake

Carbs per portion 5.9g

Nothing beats Chocolate cake for dessert. Take this along to any event, and people will love you. 😀

Low Carb Chia Pudding

Carbs per portion 6g

Another Diet Doctor dessert that also has a decent amount of protein. Perfect little snack or dessert for one.

Mixed Berries and Cream

Carbs per portion 7g (this can vary, depending on the number of berries and type)

One of the most simple Low Carb desserts you can make for yourself, or others. This recipe comes from the Diet Doctor.

Protein Icecream Sandwiches

Carbs per portion 7.6g

These Protein Ice Cream sandwiches are a little guilt-free sweet treat, to beat the summer heat.

LowER Carb Chocolate and Raspberry Dessert for One

Carbs per serve: 8g

This super chocolatey LowER Carb Chocolate and Raspberry Dessert for One is a perfect size and you don’t have to share it. The bursts of raspberries and Chocolate chunks were so good.

alt image cLowER Carb Chocolate and Raspberry Dessert

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