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Whether it’s 5, 10 or 30+ kilos – Anyone who needs to lose weight for good health has that moment or a sequence of moments that prompt the decision to get started.

For me, I’d always ‘known’ I needed to do something but 2 moments that I can recall were:

  1. A doctor saying “whoa!” when he asked me to step on the scales (I was 115 kg at 5’1)
  2. Sitting in a pair of men’s size 42 jeans and seeing my stomach spill over the top.

It was the second moment when I sat crying in the mirror, and holding my stomach, wishing I could cut it off with scissors that I decided that I needed to do something.

Now to get started!

Like anything – great planning makes it easier to achieve goals, and weight loss is no different.

1. Knowing your WHY 

My WHY was so I could feel happier and confident. Do more things physically and not be embarrassed when I went out with friends and I did not want to be on medication for diabetes like my family.

Be VERY clear with this. There may be times where you won’t feel super motivated as life takes over, it is your WHY that becomes your greatest push.

2. Actions

What are 2 small actions that you can commit to doing every day, that are a stepping stone to achieving your health goal?

Some examples:

  •   Drinking 2-3L of water
  •   Not eating after dinner.
  •   Cutting the sugar from your morning coffee
  •   Adding more veggies to your meals
  •   Getting up half an hour earlier to go for a walk
  • Schedule in 1-2 workouts

3. Track your FOOD, MOVEMENT and FEELINGS!

Online or in a book, whatever is easy. This will make it so much easier to recall WHAT you ate, WHY you ate it and how you were FEELING and how you MOVE

The only way to pick up on bad habits or ‘triggers’ is to see them. You can see how you manage social occasions, late nights, that time of the month etc. Then you can work on strategies to overcome them and practice them in real life

4.  Setting yourself daily and weekly GOALS

These do not have to be scale related. Goals that focus on what you are doing vs the outcome of doing those things are a lot easier to manage. For example: Adding extra veggies to main meals. Drinking 5 glasses of water each day, committing to your workouts this week. 

It’s committing to these smaller goals each day/ week, that will get you to the finish line. 

5. Non-Food Rewards:

Not everyone is motivated by rewards, but if it keeps things fun for you, go for it. Feeling better about yourself is the ultimate reward, however, it doesn’t always work as a motivator, especially if your weight loss goal is a while off. So, some non-food rewards as you go can make this easier. E.g Massages, Jewellery, Shoes and Handbags.

Noting down how you will feel when you achieve your goal or visualising the ‘new you’ in itself is also rewarding, as you get to enjoy the feeling and can act as a motivator. E.g. One of my old weight loss clients set rewards for every 10 kilos she had to lose – at 80 kilos she had joined a yoga class.

6. Know that you are going to stuff up, EVERYONE does, and from time to time still, do.

It is important that a moment with food is really ONLY A MOMENT. One meal that is ‘off’ plan is not a whole week. Do your best to recover the FOLLOWING meal. Write down / log online how you felt, what triggered it (Social event, emotions, etc)  By logging this event, you acknowledge it and no longer have to think about it, or if it is something that reoccurs, start to address this habit and work on strategies to overcome it.

7. Enjoy the process!

Weight loss does not have to be miserable (it shouldn’t be) – Enjoy new foods, try new healthy recipes, Try a new class, Enjoy nature, if out walking.

Change IS exciting. You are simply changing habits, creating new ones that move you towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself  YAY! – If you are eating, moving, thinking and feeling in a way that encourages good health, weight loss is merely a side effect of this.


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