Updated January 2018

With Winter now in full swing, we thought we would go searching for the best Low Carb Ready Made Soup available in your supermarket.

Most canned soups were 25g carbs per serve and there was a whole bunch of thickeners and numbers in them :/ and the sodium for a single serve were 1200mg +

Nothing beats homemade.  But if we need something quick convenient that we can keep in the work fridge, here are our tops picks.

We also show carbs Per SERVE not per 100ml for these reviews and aimed to find as many under 10g of carbs per serve.

Our criteria: Carbs per serve – 10g or less. Soups are 2 serves per container or pouch.

This is our Top Pick!

Darikay Hearty Chicken Soup



Clear Kosher chicken stock, vegetables, chicken breast, corn starch and spices.

Carbs per serve: 4.1g


  • This is a 2 serve container, that being said I have eaten the whole container for lunch and it still is only 8.2g carbs – still a low carb meal 😀
  • Add extra pepper and a hint of chilli for an extra kick.
  • Has a little cornstarch, I’m guessing to thicken it.
  • Coles and Woolies have these 2 for 1 at different times during Winter, stock up then 🙂


All Natural Pho Soup – with Konjac noodles



Water, Konjac noodles 15%, Beef 8%, Onion, salt, sugar, spices, fish sauce, red chilli, garlic, coriander and basil leaves.

Carbs per serve: 6g


  • Konjac noodles are quite popular for low carb noodle lovers.
  • Ingredients list isnt too bad.
  • 2 serves per pouch


Pitango – Cauli power soup



Vegetables 50%, Water, coconut milk, stabilisers, lemon juice, canola oil, corn starch, vegetable stock powder, salt, turmeric, cumin and coriander

Carbs per serve: 7.5g


  • 1 serve per container.
  • I have tried this a few times, always with added shredded BBQ chicken.


Woolworths Creamy Mushroom



Water, mushroom, Milk, onion, Thickened cream, thickeners, corn starch, canola oil, garlic, vegetable, stock powder, regulators, emulsifiers, yeast, salt, thyme, black pepper

Carbs per serve: 10.2g


  • 1 serve per container.


Darikay Thai Pumpkin. 



Water, Pumpkin 47%, coconut milk, fresh lime, coriander, ginger, vegetable stock, garlic, sea salt and chilli

Carbs per serve: 10.9g


  • This soup used to be 4.2g per serve at one stage, they must have changed the recipe, as it has almost doubled :/
  • Great ingredients list.
  • This is super thick.
  • 2 serves in this container.


Naked Locals – Gippsland Hearty Vegetable Soup



Water, Vegetables, spices, sea salt, yeast extract, herbs, vegetable stock, raw sugar, roasted garlic, capsicum.

Carbs per serve: 11g


  • This is more a LowER Carb option, still 3 times lower than most canned soups.
  • there is sugar on the ingredients list, which is still ‘cleaner’ than canned shelf-soups
  • 2 serves per pouch.


Naked Locals – Murray Valley Tomato Soup with basil



Water, Tomato, citric acid, onion, potato, canola oil, vegetables, raw sugar, yeast extract, spices, stock powder

Carbs per serve: 11g


  • Another LowER Carb option. Not the lowest. (same as above)
  • Has potato and sugar on the list.
  • 2 serves per pouch

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