I am obsessed with frozen blackberries and have been dying to use them again since the cobbler recipe. These Low Carb Blackberry and Coconut Cupcakes go perfectly with a cup of tea. The bursts of blackberry combined with the coconut is a winning combination.


Prep Time: 15mins

Cook Time: 15-20mins (Rotating halfway for even baking)

Makes: 12


  • 1 packet of Our Low Carb Vanilla Cupcake Mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 50g desiccated coconut
  • 250ml almond milk
  • 70g melted butter
  • 100g black berries – Microwave 2/3 of the them and mash to swirl through the mix.
    The remaining  juice and 12 full berries for icing and to decorate.


  • 1/2 tub of cream cheese (125g)
  • 2 heaped TB of butter (40g)
  • 2-3 teasp of blackberry juice
  • 1/3 cup or 75g of our Low Carb Icing Mix


  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees
  • Prepare a cupcake tin with baking paper cases/ or use a silicon baking tray. Place dry mix into a large bowl (cupcake mix and desiccated coconut)
  • In a separate bowl whisk together the melted butter, eggs and milk.
  • Combine the wet and dry mix well.
  • Fold in the mashed blackberries, or swirl them into the mix
  • Portion the mix evenly into the 12 cupcake silicone tray
  • Bake on the top shelf got 15-20 mins, rotating halfway.
  • Remove from Oven and cool on cooling rack
  • Once cooled completely, you can ice.

Method for Icing:

  • Microwave cream cheese  and butter for 30 seconds so soft.
  • Place all ingredients in a bowl.
  • Using beaters mix all together well.
  • Spoon 2-3 tsp of the juice from the microwaved berries.
  • Icing may be slightly soft, depending on how soft your cream cheese was and how much of the blackberry juice you used. If so refrigerate for 30mins or so and it will set!

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