Introducing Danny’s Place & why we love lower carb! We at Danny’s Place are excited to write our first blog for Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen. Firstly let’s explain who we are and what we do at Danny’s Place. Danny’s Place is a multidisciplinary team of Dietitians, Paediatricians, Program Nurse Co-ordinator, Paediatric Surgeon, Psychotherapist and Exercise… View Article
Fruit and Vegetables There’s a very simple rule to stick to with vegetables – Green is Great – Beige is Bad. This Low Carb Fruit and Vegetables List will help make things a little easier. The only real exception to this is cauliflower which is also low carb, but not green! Stay away from all… View Article
There is no question that ‘High Teas’ have become increasingly popular and gathering around with friends or family with beautifully baked treats, coffee and a selection of teas is a real treat! Just because we are choosing to live a low carb lifestyle, doesn’t mean we have to miss out on these events. Anna grew… View Article
We’ve all had those weekends or holidays, that at the time, are fun and carefree and we most likely overindulge. Then the time comes to get back into the swing of everyday life, and your clothes just feel that bit tighter and uncomfortable. It’s easy to then get in a downward spiral, beating ourselves up… View Article
I’m back… 🤓 I thought I would put some travelling tips together that I found useful on my holiday and share a little of the food adventures with you. Can you enjoy local pastries, desserts and meals? YES! Does it take a little planning? YES! These tips will hopefully help you enjoy your next trip… View Article
Wondering how to start low carb living? The tips below are to help make the transition super simple. Regardless of your reason, these EASY steps will help you get started. Before we dive into the how to let’s look at WHAT IS A Low Carb way of eating.  In simple terms, Low Carb is a… View Article
When I was 20 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which is considered late-onset because T1D is usually diagnosed in kids. Throughout my 20s, I diligently followed the low GI, low fat, moderate-high carb, food pyramid guidelines that I was told to. After nearly a decade of unmanageable levels, I made the transition… View Article
When I started writing this, I didn’t know where to start because there is SO MUCH evidence these days showing that fats really aren’t as bad as we once thought. Fats are essential to life The thing is, we actually need fats. When we eat fats, they break down to fatty acids which support cell… View Article