Do you find you need to work around the kids, when it comes to fitting in activity? Check out the tips below to help you move more with the kids. Any activity that you can do with your kids will: Teach them the value of moving more daily.  Increases your fun factor in their eyes,… View Article
Increasing our incidental activity We’ve all been told that we need to MOVE MORE everyday, or we are telling others that THEY need to move more. The great thing about trying to increase activity in your daily routine is that it doesn’t need to be done in set reps or a certain intensity. You don’t… View Article
Over the years I have tried so many different exercises and approaches trying to find what I actually enjoy. I always used to ask myself ” How do I stay motivated to exercise?” You may have read my post on running, why I used to HATE it and how I overcame that. Finally I have found what… View Article
How good do we feel when we get a decent night’s sleep?  One of the most important players in helping us FEEL our BEST each day, is how well we sleep the night before. It is also something that some of us struggle to get enough of. We now live in an age where we… View Article
No one wants to be the “Oh sorry I can’t eat that” person at a party, especially when we are at someone else’s home. You also don’t want to be stressing out about the food choices before going to a fun social event. What a buzz kill 🙁 Here are some tips to follow while… View Article
Do you have work meetings in cafes or restaurants? Or find yourself eating out a fair bit through your week?  Or just prefer someone else to do the cooking 😀  YAY! If you get to choose where you are going, certain cuisines are more low carb friendly than others. I usually go for Pub meals (switch… View Article
Updated Dec 2017 – No new Low Carb products found in Coles/ Woolies or Aldi’s at this time. You really can’t beat a stir fry for a fast and easy dinner and using a Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce is one of my favourites. Grab all the veggies you have in your fridge, some chicken, beef… View Article
Updated January 2018 Coconut Cream is such a great ingredient for all baking and cooking – especially for Low Carb Living. It’s such a beautiful creamy taste that works well in curries, cakes and desserts. My love for coconut cream inspired me to look closer at some of the common supermarket brands and try to… View Article
Updated December 2017 – No new products. Typically on a Low Carb Diet you expect that Noodles & Pasta are off limits…. But how good is a chicken stir fry over noodles??? I’ve done some research and come up with this list of the best Low Carb Noodles, that are totally acceptable on a Low… View Article
Updated December 2017 There’s nothing better than a big juicy hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, eggs, cheese, pineapple, bbq sauce…… Oh I could go on forever! Or how about some beautiful hamburger patties with a plate of tasty salads at a BBQ. You need to be so careful if you’re buying shop bought patties… View Article