Welcome back everyone. 😀 Food courts have become a common food environment for most of us. Whether we are at work during lunch time, or just out and about. We are now having 1 or more take away meals per week. Finding low carb friendly options in food courts has become easier in the last… View Article
Updated Dec 2017 Who hasn’t got stuck into a jar of Peanut Butter with a spoon? I LOVE peanut butter so I have put together a list of The Best Low Carb Peanut Butter’s for you!!! Seriously – Peanut Butter on our Low Carb Toast + a Coffee is THE Best Brekkie in the World! If… View Article
Updated December 2017 – no new products at this stage. Mayonnaise is such a nice addition to sandwiches, wraps or salads – it’s just a pity that so many have such a high amount of added sugar (and therefore carbs!). Like anything – if you make the right choice you don’t have to miss out… View Article
Updated start of Dec 2017 No new Red Curry pastes found in Coles/ Woolies or Aldi at this time. How good is a hearty Red Curry or Chicken Laksa, especially on a cold winters night? I enjoy my curries over a bed of Spinach or Cauliflower Mash. Our criteria 10g carbs or less per 100g… View Article
Updated start of Dec 2017 No new Low Carb BBQ Sauces in Coles/ Woolies or Aldi at this stage for this update. A staple in many households and a standard on steaks, sausages and pizzas everywhere. But what’s actually in BBQ sauce – and should you be eating it if you’re following a low carb… View Article
Updated Jan 2018 Almond milk has recently become quite trendy, with many people switching from cows or soy to almond, which they assume is more healthy. We tried to find options that were not only low in carb, but ones that had more almonds, which in all honesty was difficult. It’s a great option, if… View Article
Hey everyone! This week, we are looking at the WORK space. Where we work is now where we spend most of our day.  It can also be the place where we feel the most stressed, tired, or both and these feelings can at times affect our decisions around our food choices. Tips to help tweak your work… View Article
Hey everyone! Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed our first week, and found the tips useful. This week we are covering ways to make it easier to shop low carb at the Supermarket or local grocery market. Supermarket – The weekly shop For those of us who still go to the supermarket verses online grocery… View Article
Hey everyone! Welcome to my very first blog 🙂 I am excited to be sharing my tips and tricks with you in this 6 week series about food environments.  This week we are taking a look at creating a low carb kitchen. This one is a little lengthy, as it’s the intro, but stick with… View Article
Hi, I’m Jo – and I’m super excited to be working with Anna and the team at Low Carb Kitchen, helping as many people as I can to experience the benefits of Low Carb Living, as this is so close to my heart. Anna asked me to pop together a little bio about myself, to… View Article