It can be hard to know exactly what to eat when you’re Living Low Carb. I’ve put together this quick reference guide so you can make the best choices fast. Bread is generally shunned by anyone strictly Living Low Carb and you can see from this table why. The great news is that there are now some… View Article
Why do I love Sugar Free Maple Syrup? I absolutely love pancakes with butter and maple syrup, however I used to stay away because of the high sugar content of the syrup. Then I found this brand at Woolies – and even though it’s sugar free maple syrup, the favour is still amazing! Winner! How… View Article
Why do I love it? Super low in carbs and kJs (64 kJs and 1.2g Carbs per 100g) Celery is a GREAT way to fill out your meals, salads and juices. At 95% water, it will fill you up, hydrate you and ultimately help you lose weight. How do I eat Celery? I add it… View Article
Everything we do and achieve starts in the mind. Everything that we see in the world today started as a thought in someone’s mind. Every thought we have, every story or excuse we tell ourselves WILL effect our results and happiness. This is how I get myself in a Fat Burning Mindset…. 1) Muscle burns much more… View Article
Jessica Mauboy has been an Australian favourite since she was on Australian Idol in 2006. Recently she has changed her diet and exercise routine and has started a Low Carb Lifestyle, and the results have been phenomenal. The best thing about Jessica’s weightloss is how she’s kept it simple – good food and plenty of exercise…. View Article
Like anything – great planning makes it easier to achieve goals. Planning for weight loss is no different. The more organised you are, the easier it is for you to stick to the plan and achieve your desired result. In the past, during really hectic times in my life, I have let this planning and organising go,… View Article
Meal and snack preparation is vital to following Low Carb Living and will give you the highest opportunity for success. Use this checklist to plan your meal prep and you cant go wrong. 1. Plan the time you will actually do your meal prep. I like to do mine on Sunday & Wednesday – about 1 hour… View Article
Shane Watson is a household name with his achievements on the Australian Cricket team. You can see below a video that shows the Low Carb Results – Shane Watson achieved. You would expect that our most elite athletes would be on the best diet possible and not have any weight or energy problems, but that’s not… View Article
I often get asked “how do I get motivated to lose weight“. And it’s easy to say “I want to lose 5kg” or “I want to get fitter” or “I want to have a healthier diet”, but do you actually know why? Specifically, do you know the reasons why you want that, and then when… View Article
There is so much talk around High Protein, Low Carb diets currently and I often get asked about WHY you lose weight fast on a HPCL diet. The great news is that YES – they definitely DO WORK!! But WHY? I’ve always felt that it’s important to understand the why – because when you do,… View Article