It can be hard to know exactly what to eat when you’re Living Low Carb.

I’ve put together this quick reference guide so you can make the best choices fast.

Bread is generally shunned by anyone strictly Living Low Carb and you can see from this table why.

The great news is that there are now some awesome super low carb options.

Our Low Carb Bread Mix is a super low carb, gluten & dairy free option for people that want to lose a few Kg’s but can’t live without bread.

Grab Our Low Bread Mix from my shop – it’s super simple to bake – you can prepare it in less than THREE MINUTES!

You just add egg + water + a touch of white vinegar – stir together – pour in a tin and bake.

So super easy to have the smell of fresh bread wafting through your house.

Check out this table below to see how your current bread stacks up.

Which type of bread is the lowest carb?

Item – Per serveCarbsProteinkJs
2 slices of our Low Carb Bread4.212.2593
2 slices of TPBCo. Protein Bread1.716.2450
2 slices of Helga's Lower-Carb Bread19.49.7820
1 Croissant24.971050
2 slices of wholemeal bread327.2788
2 slices of multigrain bread32.87.2792
1 crumpet16.13348
1 english muffin28.16.7653
2 slices of white bread356.8798
1 small pizza base (Baazar Individual)8212.82009
1 bagel (85g)438.1930

Values sourced from Food Standards Australia

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