Introducing Danny’s Place & why we love lower carb!

We at Danny’s Place are excited to write our first blog for Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen. Firstly
let’s explain who we are and what we do at Danny’s Place.

Danny’s Place is a multidisciplinary team of Dietitians, Paediatricians, Program Nurse Co-ordinator, Paediatric Surgeon, Psychotherapist and Exercise Physiologist who have developed a program to tackle adolescent obesity specifically for 10-18 year old kids.

Our 6-month program addresses the needs of this group of adolescents who desperately need a place to come and help them with their eating issues, diet, medical problems, mental health issues and in extreme cases surgery. This place is called Danny’s Place!

So why do we love the lower carb eating approach?

When we were first designing Danny’s Place ‘Be Your Best Program’ (BYB), we looked at all the programs that have been run around the world for obese adolescents and we found some very common themes – there were not very many of them and most of them involved very restrictive diets that the kids had to follow.

We noticed the drop out rates from these programs was high so the results were not fantastic. It was clear to us that restrictive diets in adolescents are not going to work, nor is it practical to implement in busy families lives.

We were also very aware that there has been plenty of research into the benefits of lower
carbohydrate diets and their use in treating obesity and weight loss, insulin resistance, Type
2 diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). There was evidence that many obese
teenagers have insulin resistance and we certainly have seen a high percentage of our
Danny’s Place kids with high insulin levels that our Paediatrician measures and manages.

We decided, without doubt, we wanted our program to use a lower carbohydrate dietary
approach to help manage this insulin resistance and to help with body fat loss. We also did
not want to put these kids on diets, so it became very clear that we would educate our kids
in the BYB program to focus mainly on lower carb eating. No diets, no calorie counting, no
banned foods, no shame for individual eating preferences.

We teach our adolescents to count carbs in a basic serve format, but our Dietitians work out
how many carb serves each individual child needs for their age, growth and physical activity
level. Once we work that out we simply teach the kids and their families or carers how to
carb count, and reduce their typically very high carbohydrate intakes down to the target we
have calculated for them.

To do this education, we have developed some of our own carb counting education
resources that our Dietitians and our Program Nurse Co-ordinator use to teach families how
to carb count, and how to get these carbs into the basic routines of school lunch boxes,
after school snacks, eating out with friends etc.

We also love to share fantastic ideas from what we consider outstanding external teams – such as Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen!

We love showing our program kids Anna’s website and some of the ideas and product reviews that Anna has. This is so important to be able to show kids just how easy lower carb eating can be when you have such fantastic access to recipe ideas, product reviews, special low carb products etc.

So that is how we have developed a mutual collaboration with Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen.

We look forward to posting some regular blogs for you!

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