When talking to people about Low Carb Diets – the number one question I get asked is “But don’t you need Good Carbs for your brain to work?”

So do you need Good Carbs for your brain?

The simple answer is: Your brain does require Glucose to function – however we now know that any type of carb, whether 2g from Broccoli or 100g from a bowl of mash – gets converted down to glucose to be used by your brain and other organs as energy.

The good news is that even on a Ketosis style diet of less than 20g of Carbs per day, this still provides more than enough glucose for your brain.

So there you go – no need at all to be carb loading on grains and cereals to give yourself “Brain Food”.

In actual fact my experience has taught me that when I have eliminated all sugars and carbs from my diet, my mind is crystal clear. No sugar coma’s, no lethargy, no moments of crashing and burning.

I feel sustained, with strong energy and presence right throughout my entire day!

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