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If you are someone who is familiar with gym-based exercises or aerobic classes etc and have a bit more time for activity in your day. Below are some ideas you can use as workouts at home.

 Create a Mini circuit at home

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  • Push up’s against a wall (if you are new to pushups) – then progress to the bench top, Then to knees, then your toes.
  • Chair squats – Move in the direction of sitting on the chair and just before your bum hits the seat, drive your pelvis forward. (don’t lock out your knees) – Keeps arms out in front of you, if you are new to squats, this helps with balance.
  • Water bottles or canned tomatoes make great hand weights.
  • Walking lunges down the hallway
  • While talking on your mobile, do some butt squeezes (no one will ever know) hehe
  • Skipping rope – cheap to buy and requires no space, and a good burst of cardio.

Other ideas for those familiar with gym-based exercise

1. Do you have stairs?  Climb them by skipping the middle step in between each step. Wider steps really works the lower body (Hold on to start with for safety)

2. Scheduling a walk in before Breakfast or Dinner or if you have time both.

3. Google search – At Home workouts – there are plenty online to choose from.


4. Exercise DVD’s – These are still a really great idea. My top pick – Jillian Michaels DVD’s – a good friend of mine introduced me to using these throughout winter when it was too cold to go for my morning outdoor activities – The reason why Jillian’s are my top pick:

  • These are quite old now, so they’re super cheap 😀
  • The workouts vary between 20-40mins per session.
  • They use body weight and only need a small space to do them. – you can find them on Amazon:

5. Search Youtube for FREE – short exercise routines you can do at home. Some are quite serious and others are just really fun. There are clips that go for as little as 10 minutes. 

6. Fitness Apps – There are so many apps we can download that have short timeframes that you could pop in somewhere in your day. One that I have used is 7MW – Seven-minute workout or Fitstar, however, there are plenty to choose from. 



Before starting any exercise program, please check with your doctor. Please ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly to avoid injury.

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