Over the years I have tried so many different exercises and approaches trying to find what I actually enjoy. I always used to ask myself ” How do I stay motivated to exercise?”

You may have read my post on running, why I used to HATE it and how I overcame that.

Finally I have found what I love doing, which is Bikram Yoga.

Even though I love it, there are still days when the alarm goes off and I just don’t want to get out of bed. Or maybe I’ve had a long hard day and think about skipping my night class.

Then sometimes when I am actually there, I find myself wobbly in the poses, not performing to the level I know I can. Then I start to doubt myself and the negative self-talk creeps in.

I’ve come up with 2 simple phrases I tell to myself:

1) Make sure I don’t skip my classes

I know if I skip one, then another, then another before I know it, a week has passed and I haven’t gone (and we all know that its so much harder to get started again!).

“Just get in the room” – is what I tell myself because it’s such an easy goal to achieve. As soon as I am there I am taken care of and I fall into the class following the teacher.

Getting there is the hardest part. Depending on what exercise you do – your phrase may differ – “Just get to the Gym”, “Just get to the Pool”, “Just put your running shoes on” – whatever it is just simply stop thinking and start.

2) Maintain a positive mindset in class

This helps to really do the best I can, getting the best results I can.

Say “I’ve got this” – when I start to wobble in a pose or lose my balance – I find this is often as I have been negative self talking. I take a breath, look in my eyes in the mirrors and repeat “I’ve got this, I’ve got this” over and over. You know you can do it. You’ve done it before. Tell yourself you can and believe you can and you will.

So here we are – very simple and definitely not rocket science however it REALLY REALLY works.

I hope that helps you too maintain your exercise momentum to achieve your goals faster.

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