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Everything we do and achieve starts in the mind.

Everything that we see in the world today started as a thought in someone’s mind.

Every thought we have, every story or excuse we tell ourselves WILL affect our results and happiness.

This is how I get myself in a Fat Burning Mindset….

1) Muscle burns much more fat than fat!

I think about my muscles, I consciously notice my muscles as I’m walking up the stairs, or lifting a heavy box. Even if you don’t feel you are as toned as you like – we all have a certain level of muscle and that is what you are focusing on.

Think about your muscles and the energy that they take to move you around all day! That energy is fat being burnt up. Imagine your metabolism really firing and just burning burning burning energy!

2) Water

In my fat burning mindset, I am always really hydrated. If I am hydrated then I don’t feel the need to snack and the extra water I am drinking really assists with digestion and gets all your body systems moving.

Read my blog on How to drink more water.

3) Breathing and Posture

In my Fat Burning mindset, I am standing tall, sucking in my tummy and always breathing deep. Sucking in my tummy and standing tall turns on my core muscles (as point 1) and taking nice long deep breaths brings in more oxygen which again helps all body systems to run more efficiently – which assists weight loss.

Having great posture makes you feel more confident and happy as well.

4) “Nil by Mouth”

This is a little mindset thing I do which REALLY works! In my fat burning mindset, I NEVER snack or graze on anything apart from my designated meals & snacks. Grazing can be so dangerous to any weight loss attempt – “I’ll just have a tiny bit” or I’ll just have a taste of that” really adds up to LOTS of extra calories and once you start it’s often hard to stop!

So “Nil by Mouth” takes away any temptation to get off track. Unless it’s a designated meal or snack DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH.

5) Exercise

This one is kind of obvious – exercise helps us lose weight – but the thing I love the most is that even after your exercise you can really feel your metabolism going faster, you can feel your muscles more, you want to drink more water and you are less inclined to snack or put anything in your body that will offset the hard work you just did.

I love morning exercise for this reason as it really sets you up for the day ahead. Even a 15-minute run has amazing benefits!

There you go – this is how I really get right into my Fat Burning Mindset. Once you’re in this mindset there really is no stopping you achieving your goal!

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