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There is more and more evidence that gut health and good bacteria in our tummies is really important – but do you need to drink a drink made with sugar to improve our gut health?

Kombucha has risen in popularity over the past few years, being promoted as health tonic.


Is it really helping us to achieve our health and weight goals – or is it just another way that extra sneaky sugar is working it’s way into our diet?

Is it natural? Yes

Does it have some health benefits? Maybe

Can you get these same health benefits other ways, without the sugar??? YES!!!

Here are the 4 ways I take care of my tummy and digestion without Kombucha.

4 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health – WITHOUT drinking Kombucha

  • Don’t over sanitise everything!!! I’m so grateful to that I grew up in the country and was always playing in the mud and outside. There was no such thing as hand sanitiser or wipes. I survived. In fact I think this exposure to natural bacterias at a young age is why even now, I never get sick! I avoid all additional sanitising stuff at home, apart from good old hand soap.
  • Eat lots of different veggies. If you can buy direct from farmers markets or grow your own this is even better as they haven’t been through heavy soaking/sanitising processes. Either way though because veggies are grown in the ground, there will be some good bacteria in them. A good variety also really helps your gut health.
  • Eat good plain yoghurt. Yoghurt (and also fermented veggies) naturally contain probiotics. If you can work these 2 foods into your everyday diet then you will really notice the difference. From a sugar/carb point of view always choose unsweetened yoghurts then add your own low carb toppings.
  • Take a good probiotic to help things along. I’m currently taking the Swiss ones, but still doing research on the best ones. I really notice the difference taking just 1 per day. There a few on the market, ask at your local health food and supplement store or pharmacy. 

Share with anyone that complains if a sluggish digestion as this may be all they need!

I have also linked to a great article by Thehealthyhomeeconomist – “Addicted to shop bought Kombucha? This is why.”

This is a US based blog but overall info will still be relevant.

Please comment if there are any other tips you have for improving gut health and maintaining good digestion!

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