How good do we feel when we get a decent night’s sleep?  One of the most important players in helping us FEEL our BEST each day, is how well we sleep the night before. It is also something that some of us struggle to get enough of.

We now live in an age where we demand more from our brain and bodies, but some of us are sleeping less, or the quality is poorer.

We’re fitting too much in, spending too much time on our devices and relying on artificial energy to do it all – (hello to the introduction of energy bars, drinks or too many coffees) – while still expecting the mind and body to feel great.

Ways to help us improve our quality of sleep:

  • Try and have your healthy Low Carb dinner at least 2 hours before bed.
  • If you are a little peckish before bed, choose a small handful of almonds and pumpkin seeds – as a combination of raw mix, just a small amount will release tryptophan which helps with the production of serotonin and melatonin the hormone required for sleeping and getting a restful sleep.
  • Wind down – create a ‘wind down’ routine. Perhaps you make a cup of tea, have a relaxing bath, read a book – a really yummy ‘relaxing drink – blend unsweetened almond milk with 2-3 brazil nuts and warm slightly in the microwave , you could add a little stevia, however it really doesn’t need it)
  • Reduce noise in the environment (where you can, especially if you have kids – this could be tough) hehe.
  • If you have trouble switching off before bed. Leave some time and  jot down what is on your mind on a notepad before you go to sleep (not device, I will explain why later)
  • Try your best to keep your room as dark as possible.
  • Set yourself a guideline of ‘no devices or screens 20-30 mins before bed – This could be a big ask for some, but the bright light from your device or phone – sends a message to an almost rested mind that it’s daylight, it can disrupt the sleep cycle.

I hope these tips help you catch a few more good quality Z’s and you jump out of bed the next day! 

Sleep Well

Jo x

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