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Why do we need to move more?

To keep it short without going through all the benefits of exercise – Because we are built to move and it will keep us feeling our best, looking our best and living as long as we can.

If you are someone who isn’t keen on the gym, and would rather look for ways you can be and stay active in your day to day life, check out the tips below.

** If you do like the gym, you still may find something useful here** 😀

How can we increase activity in our daily routine?

  • Housework: Not the most exciting way to keep moving, it has to be done.  Not just your everyday cleaning, but the BIG jobs – Cleaning windows, Mopping, Vacuuming, Dusting. E.g Wall Squats while folding laundry anyone??


  • Gardening – for those of us that have a garden. A full day of gardening – weeding, bending, lifting etc. What a great full body work!
  • Park a little further away from the shop entrance.
  • Carry less bags in from the car after shopping (haha, says no one! – we all load up with as many bags as possible – which is GREAT for resistance.
  • Jump off the bus one stop earlier on your way home.
  • Cleaning out the garage seems to involve bigger movements like lifting, moving heavier objects, sweeping etc.
  • Butt Squeezes  You can do this whether you’re sitting at the office, driving or on the bus. It’s great as no one can really see, but you are getting a great butt shaping workout. Basically you just squeeze your glutes one side at a time. Just keep alternating. Squeezing such a big muscle group burns a lot of Kj’s and really shapes your butt.


  • Help someone you know move house – If you have the time, offer to help them. It’s a great workout AND they will love you for it.
  • You could schedule ‘walking-meetings‘ outdoors with colleagues. 
  • A little extra “time” with your partner is always a fun way to be active 😉
  •  Taking the stairs, or even walking up an escalator instead of standing and waiting is a great way to burn some extra kjs. For an extra butt toning idea – put all your weight in your heel when walking up, instead of your toes. If you do this you should feel your glutes (the big muscle in your butt) turn on


  • Mini work outs – This is great if you work in an office as its not good to stay sitting down for more than 2 hours. This little mini workout will get your blood flowing, burn fat and wake you up! It can be done in the bathroom if that’s your only private place. It’s really simple… 10 push ups – can do against the wall if in bathroom. 10 side bends (stand up tall, lock your knees in, suck in your tummy and bend sideways as if to touch the outside of your leg near your knee – then work the other side). This mini workout will take less than 5 minutes and will make you feel amazing
  • Work on Posture – Standing tall is not only a great way to burn extra kj’s but also makes you feel instantly happier & more confident. Roll your shoulders back and down. Suck in your tummy. Breathe deeply. Pretend you have a string pulling from the top of your head and tuck in your chin.
  • Last but not least – Pop the music on nice and loud, and DANCE around the house. No doubt all of us at some stage have used the broom as an air guitar or the hairbrush as a mic to music when no one is home – add some moves and you have a pretty great workout. 😀

If I have missed anything that you do to increase activity day to day, please comment and share below.

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