Hi everyone,

I’m Brooke and am super excited to join Anna and the team at Low Carb Kitchen. I am looking forward to contributing and helping everyone enjoy the Low Carb lifestyle through our products and advice. Following suit I thought I would share a little about myself and my passion for food, design and healthy living.

So, what I’m all about?

I have joined the team as an inhouse junior graphic designer and can’t wait to bring my passion for cooking and baking to the table. Along with awesome design to our social media channels, website, packaging and lots more. I can’t wait to showcase to you, just how amazing Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen products are and inspire everyone just as these products have inspired me and my healthy living.

Where have I come from?

Following my studies, I have spent time working within design studios, traveled and explored. I am excited to combine my design knowledge and passion for food, during this exciting new journey, as part of the Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen Team.

What got me started?

My grandmother introduced me to cooking and baking from a young age. I have always enjoyed how I was able to showcase my creativity through the foods I create and share with others. Spending a little of your own personal time and gifting homemade goodies, is a tiny act of kindness that can bring a smile or joy to those around you.

Growing older and realising the importance of nutrition and the healthy choices, throughout my early teenage years. I enjoyed experimenting with food to find yummy and nutritious options. I am pleased to be able to work with a brand that provides everyone the opportunity to bake delicious foods, with healthy choices in mind.

How I keep it all in check?

I won’t lie, I enjoy food! But keeping things in check is important. I believe that making the right “choices” is key to healthy living. Making healthy food choices wherever possible allows me to treat myself or splurge on delicious foods on the odd occasions. Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen products also help me get my baking fix, while also choosing healthy options.

Me, outside the above.

Creativity drives most of my hobbies and loves. I love being hands on with other projects. You will always find me making some other craft or experimenting. I am currently loving learning to weave wall hangings.

I also enjoy exploring and getting some fresh air and exercise on the weekends, whether it will be walking through the blue mountains or by the beach. I love exploring local markets and admiring the skills of others whether it’s food, craft,  homewares or fashion.

I enjoy catching up with my family and friends, and it somehow always involves great food and coffee!!!

I am super happy to be able to share my passion for healthy living and food with the Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen Community.

Brooke x

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