Many products will claim “No Added Sugar” but then use honey, agave, molasses, rice malt syrup or dates to sweeten.

I hear all the time – honey must be better than sugar because it’s natural – but the honest truth is that nutritionally, the differences are small.

Especially for weight loss – all carbs and sugar’s are broken down to glucose by the body – which then effect your insulin levels and fat burning/storage.

Honey is often portrayed as a “Natural Sweetener” but like other syrups such as agave, molasses and maple syrup, it must be counted as a form of ‘sugar’ on a weight-loss diet or for anyone with diabetes. At the end of the day, Cane Sugar is also “Natural” as it comes from a plant, so really that argument is irrelevant!

Per 100g honey has 1,400kj and 83g of carbs, compared to sugar, which has 1,600kj and 100g of carbs.

So you can see it is slightly less – but not significant enough to make it part of a Low Carb Diet!

So the short answer is NO – if you are following a low carb diet you should avoid ALL forms of sugar.

The one sweetener that I do like is Stevia – You can read more about that here.

If you’re ever in doubt as to if a product contains sugar (I know the ingredient labels can be so confusing as sugar has so many names!) The best thing to check is the total carbs per 100g. I personally aim for all products to be less than 5g carbs per 100g.

If you are feeling the need to sweeten your foods – I would say that your sugar addiction is still alive and kicking. And yes, it really is an addiction – but the good news is that after just 2 days of eliminating it from your diet you will stop craving it and will also be experiencing SO many benefits and positive changes in your body.

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