Judging this competition was SO HARD!!! I had over 600 amazing, inspiring, heart warming comments to read through. I was so moved by everyones openness, I made 2 decisions:

A. – I ended up choosing 8 low carb comp winners instead of 5 because I just couldn’t decide!!!

B. I have a special plan to thank EVERYONE that entered the comp – stay tuned as we will be announcing this little surprise next week.

THANK YOU to everyone that entered, sharing your personal struggles, wins, hopes and dreams for a healthier future for yourselves & your families. My hope is that by sharing so many low carb wins, and goals, that we can help more and more people to give this a go, and experience the benefits like we all have.

Reading through all your stories, Jo, Brooke & myself are just so motivated to keep sharing more and more helpful tips, info, insider hacks, recipe’s, products and support – as you have really shown us what a difference this can make – Thank you.

If you are a winner – please email Jo at hello@annaslowcarbkitchen.com.au so we can organise your prize! Stay tuned for the announcement next week & we will also be sharing the winners stories soon as well. Have a great weekend! Anna x


Clarissa Herbst

Why I am curious about a low carb diet? I’m an elite long distance runner (18 years old) and most athletes eat loads of carbs before a race, but every time I eat pasta or breads my stomach is bloated and don’t perform as well as if I eat less carbs before race day.

I am curious as most scientists have now found that a low carb diet for long distance runners can improve their performance by 10-15% and I would love to try this and see if it will help me to achieve my goal of going to Olympics!

Anne Fewson

As I was reading this post I was having my morning cuppa black no sugar and eating a piece of your well toasted low carb bread with yummy no sugar nut and chia seed butter.

At 65 I found low carb eating definitely the way to go after years of trying to lose weight and regain my health, I am a good cook mother and grandmother of a big family and thought for years we had a very healthy diet but it wasn’t until I dropped the sugar and wheat that the magic started to happen and I dropped 15 kg in 12 months, thank you for you wonderful products and I’m sure this book would be of great benefit to help me continue this journey.

Brigitte Godwin

I was learning about type 1 diabetes in university… which led me later that day to diagnose myself with type 1 diabetes. Fast forward 10 years later and I am a 29 year old woman who wants to get pregnant but struggling with shift work and maintaining a low carb life… it’s great for a month or two of eating 90gms of carb per day… the family also do it with me to help me stay motivated… but come family dinner night the easiest option was always pizza… and then… it’s just so easy to revert back to doing whats easy when life gets busy!

WE NEED THIS! I don’t want to feel bored eating low carb…. I want to feel inspired and not feel like I’m missing out, I want my sugars to be as stable as possible, I want to be healthy and I want to have a family!

This would be AMAZING and my whole family would benefit from this prize!!!! 😍  🤞

Kerry Martin Oschar

My little boy is seven. When he was 22 months old he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – he was on 3 injections a day and now has an insulin pump attached to him (we change the canula every 3 days).

Since diagnosis he lost his appetite and interest in food and is now a very fussy / light eater. He loves Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen Muffins (with Annas Icing) and now also the pancakes. I can’t tell you how great it is to see him enjoy food and know he is not going to have a massive spike with his blood glucose levels.

The other day when helping me make some muffins he said he would like to be a chef! The book would be fantastic for us to look at together and show him that lower carb is ‘do able’ and there are lots of yummy options!

Kim Yeferni

I’ve been overweight my entire life and since the age of 9 yrs old, I’ve been trying to overcome my obesity problem. All diets did was see me lose some weight and then gain it all back plus extra. Low Carbing has saved my life! In my early 40s I was pre diabetic, high blood pressure, PCOS insulin resistant and around 136 kg.

5 years down the track I am managing and maintaining a much healthier lifestyle – normal blood sugar, lower blood pressure, managing PCOS awesomely with the symptoms such as irregular periods, darkened skin, all gone and 50 kgs lighter! It’s no secret that the key to it all is low carbing!

I still have the last 10-12 kg that I want to disappear and everyday I am learning but I still have SO MUCH to learn! I’m also keen to teach others about the low carb way of life! ❤  For me there is no other way.

Michelle Daymond

I previously thought low fat was best, and followed a low fat diet for years but often felt hungry – especially around 3pm!

I’ve been eating low carb for 2+ years now and have never felt better! I’m now a new mum and have recently returned to work and study so energy is a must… and so are easy, healthy meals.

I’m always looking for new recipes for my family that are low carb – which is not easy!

My husband has also been converted to low carb and it’s changed his life too. He did a triathlon last year and smashed it – fuelled by a low carb diet of course!

Sylinda Tim Van Amerongen

We are have been doing LCHF for the last 6 weeks as a family to support our 8 year old daughter who has an uncontrollable seizure disorder due to her stroke in 03/05/16.

We are currently failing our 6th & 7th anti seizure meds and since starting LCHF her longest stint of being “seizure free” has been 12 days. We are hoping we can stick with it and I have been reading or googling anything I can find to help us continue this way of life.

My hubby has loss 11 kg since starting, I have lost 4.5 kg and our 4 kiddies have lost 2 to 3 kg but have noticed behavioural changes, reduced cravings, less break out of eczema and the pantry door is not forever open!

This pack would help me to continue on this journey for all our benefit…thank you! X

Leanne Richardson

My husband has a very high HBA1C and my son son and I are diabetic also. My other son at 21 is 150+ kg. We are desperate to help him lose weight and also get all of our HBA1C to a healthy level. After reading some of the stories how Low Carb has helped others we would LOVE a lifestyle change.

I believe this would work – we just need the right tools to start. 😊

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