What is sugar? The term “sugar” usually refers to a group of carbohydrates known as “saccharides” (which originates from the Latin word “saccharum”). Sugars are sweet-tasting, crystalline carbohydrates found naturally in most plants and some animal products. Simple sugars such as glucose and fructose are monosaccharides (“mono” meaning one). Simple sugars can form a chain… View Article
Are foods free-of-refined-sugars good for you? Dietary advice is varied, but if there is one thing most of us can agree on, it is to steer away from highly processed foods in favour of eating fresh produce  such as meat (or other protein sources), eggs, nuts, dairy, fruit and vegetables. But while “eating clean”, we… View Article
Meal and snack preparation is vital to following Low Carb Living and will give you the highest opportunity for success. Use this checklist to plan your meal prep and you cant go wrong. 1. Plan the time you will actually do your meal prep. I like to do mine on Sunday & Wednesday – about 1 hour… View Article
I’m not talking about the scientific definition of a Carbohydrate (you can Google that) – but what place does it have in our diets – and what does it do to us? It’s important to understand what a Carbohydrate (or Carbs) are, because once you do understand it becomes so much easier to make smarter decisions… View Article
When talking to people about Low Carb Diets – the number one question I get asked is “But don’t you need Good Carbs for your brain to work?” So do you need Good Carbs for your brain? The simple answer is: Your brain does require Glucose to function – however we now know that any… View Article
It’s an attractive sweetener but like other syrups such as agave, molasses and maple syrup, it must be counted as a form of ‘sugar’ on a weight-loss diet or for anyone with diabetes and, like sugar, it can contribute to tooth decay.