It can be hard to know exactly what to eat when you’re Living Low Carb.

I’ve put together this quick reference guide for types of Milk, so you can make the best choices fast.

Figures in this table are per 100mls.

A regular take away coffee – has about 300mls of milk, and a small 210mls – so basically double or triple these figures to see how many carbs are in your coffee!

Starting your day with a regular latte from your local cafe is around 20g of Carbs before you even eat anything.

I know how important your morning coffee is, and its equally important that you really enjoy it.

Here are some ideas to reduce the carbs, whilst still loving your mornings 🙂

  • Don’t add Sugar – 1tsp of sugar will add another 5g of Carbs on top of the 20 – most cafe’s offer Natvia now – a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.
  • Try Almond Milk (check its unsweetened) – You can see the most popular brand that cafe’s use only has about half the carb content of soy & full cream milk.
  • Try a Long Black – by far the healthiest coffee to choose as there are zero kj’s or carbs in it! It is an acquired taste but I grew to love that strong bitter flavour!
  • Long Black with some cream – Many people choose this as its the lowest carb, coffee that still gives you that creamy flavour but minimal carbs.

We have also done some reviews on Soy & Almond milk brands – so you can click through if you want more information about the best brands to buy at the supermarket.

Which type of milk is the lowest carb?

Item – Per 100ml ServeCarbsProteinkJsFat
Pure Harvest Unsweetened Soy1.12.91812.7
Vitasoy Barista – Most common cafe Soymilk6.53.02181.5
Almond – Australia’s Own Unsweetened0.10.6922.1
Almond Breeze Barista Blend – Most common cafe Almond milk31.41504.8
Liddell’s Lactose Free – available from Supermarket4.83.41440.1
Dairy Farmers Skim Milk4.93.51470.1
The Complete Dairy Full Cream milk available from Supermarket3.56.02863.4
Dairy Farmers Regular Milk4.83.42663.4
Dairy Farmers Lite White4.93.51941.4
Sun Coast Gold Macadamia Nut MIlk0.50.3942.1

All values are per 100mls. Values sourced from Food Standards Australia

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