The trick to this Low Carb Lasagne is simply to replace the pasta sheets with grilled eggplant slices! So you can really use any Lasagne recipe you like, however many people were asking us for the recipe so we decided to post one! This Low Carb Lasagne was inspired by this version on the… View Article
Another Low Carb Curry for our Winter Warmer series. This week Anna put together a curry with 5 Ingredients. Its super simple, uses everyday ingredients  and very tasty!!! Cook Time: 15-20mins Serves:  8 Ingredients 1 x BBQ Chicken shredded 400ml Can of Coconut Cream (Ayam is 100% Coconut) 1 x Bag Frozen Veggies 1/2 Jar… View Article
Who doesn’t love a good hearty curry as it gets cooler. This Low Carb Vegetarian Red Curry is the first for our Winter warmer series. I’ve kept this one simple by creating a vegetable based curry. You can add your favourite protein source or perhaps more vegetables. *Prawns, Chicken or Tofu I think would go… View Article
These Low carb Veggie and Bacon muffins are a great ‘anytime’ meal option. As they work for all times of day. I enjoy these for breakfast, as I prefer savoury vs sweet breakfast choices. Low Carb Veggie and Bacon Muffins   Prep Time: Approx 20mins (grating and combining) Cook Time: 30-40mins depending on oven Makes: 12… View Article
Lupin Flake has 93% less carbs than regular couscous, is packed with pre-biotics for great digestion AND is Gluten Free (Regular couscous is not GF) Our Low Carb Lupin Couscous can work as a side dish, or can be used in tabouleh. The Lupin Flake ‘couscous’ really does take on the flavours of what you mix with… View Article
YES IT IS FINALLY HERE. Low carb garlic bread. Nothing better than some buttery, garlicly, golden brown Garlic Bread used to soak up your Spag Bol sauce or soup! With our Low Carb Garlic Bread you longer need to feel guilty about it either. Bring on that healthy, low carb, Italian feast. This quantity serves… View Article
Croutons add so much flavour, texture and (when you use Low Carb Bread) protein to any soup or salad. They’re great for filling a salad out and making it that much more exciting. Perfect addition to a Caesar Salad – check out my review of the best Caesar Dressings available from the supermarket. Make our Low Carb Croutons… View Article
Felafel can be a great snack or meal, and thanks to our friends at Lupin Foods Australia we are happy to bring you this Lupin Felafel recipe that is fast, easy, tasty & low carb! Make up a large batch and freeze, then take to work as a snack – or crumble over a salad of… View Article
Beef Stroganoff is a great hearty meal that typically is quite high in Carbs. Following my 5 step process from the Non Recipe Book, you can enjoy a Low Carb Stroganoff that is actually good for you! Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Beef Stroganoff  Ingredients 500g Beef Strips 2 tbsp olive oil 500g… View Article
This fresh minty yoghurt is a great low carb accompaniment to so many dishes. Can be used as a dip with veggie sticks, over the top of grilled lamb or chicken, served with my amazing Zucchini Fritters for breakfast. Perfect for Summer BBQ’s as its so light and refreshing – it could actually be used… View Article