It can be hard to know exactly what to eat when you’re Living Low Carb.

I’ve put together this quick reference guide so you can make the best choices fast.

You probably know to avoid potatoes and pumpkin when Living Low Carb, but here are my top picks for the lowest carb veggies.

And here’s a tricky little rule that I follow… GREEN & LEAFY is GREAT – BEIGE is BAD

If you follow that and nothing else, you will probably make the right choices every time.

It’s super important to include sufficient greens when Living Low Carb as this is the best way to achieve your required fibre intake and keep your digestion powering along.

Whether salad veggies or warm cooked veggies – add them to each meal with a serve of lean protein and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Another great thing about veggies (In particular Greens) is that they are so low in Kjs for their size. Meaning you feel like you are eating a LOT but your overall Kj intake is still low. Great way to avoid feeling hungry and lose weight.

So anything leafy and green (spinach, mixed salad leaves, fresh herbs etc)  Enjoy!

Which vegetables are the lowest carb?

Item – Per 100g ServeCarbsProteinkJs
Alfalfa Sprouts0.53.291
Bok Choy0.62.681
English Spinach0.92.6101
Red Cabbage2.72.2126
Green Beans2.72.4124
Green Capsicum2.51.695
Brussel Sprouts2.13.8153

For an even more comprehensive guide on low carb veggies, have a look at this blog post on the Top 50 Lowest Carb Veggies.All values are per 100g. Values sourced from Food Standards Australia

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