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Meal and snack preparation is vital to following Low Carb Living and will give you the highest opportunity for success.

Use this checklist to plan your meal prep and you can’t go wrong.

1. Plan the time you will actually do your meal prep. I like to do mine on Sunday & Wednesday – about 1 hour each day.

2. Plan your actual meals for the week or few days that you are prepping for. I like to do meal prep twice a week so its nice and fresh and I can mix it up, however some things like our Brekkie Bars – can be baked ahead and frozen.

3. Once you know what you are prepping – grab the recipes and write a shopping list for the ingredients you need (and remember – never shop on an empty stomach!). For more tips about navigating a supermarket for easy low carb shopping, click here

4. Head to the shops and get what you need. This can be done at whatever time is convenient for you. We are lucky that in this era supermarkets are open such long hours. I love to hit the supermarket at 6 am when they first open – nice and quiet and not many people around.

5. You will see that with all our recipes on Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen – the ingredients will either already be in your pantry, be available from your local supermarket OR fruit veg shop/farmers market. I don’t use ANY fancy shmancy ingredients such as bee pollen that you will have to track down in some little niche shop!

6. Ensure you have enough containers that are the right size for you. You don’t want any barriers at all to your meal prepping. You can buy these containers at all supermarkets.

7. You are ready to go! Have fun prepping your meals – you are doing such a great thing for yourself by having this nutritious food, ready to go to nurture your body and set you up for success.

You may also find some extra tips to Make meal Prep easier on our blog about setting up your HOME SPACE for low carb living success.

Do you have any meal prep tips? Or a usual routine you follow? Let me know.

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