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The key to a successful attempt at anything is to really get in the mindset and be focused on how you want to feel/what you want to achieve.

Focus all your energies on the new, not dwelling on the past. Focus on the exciting future ahead, not your current situation. Each day can be a fresh start and the past does not have to equal the future! If you want to feel better about your body, feel better about the way you treat your body.

At any point you can say “No, this is not how the story ends.”

Mindset Action Points:

  • Complete the following “What’s your why” Activity.
  • Write out your own “Fat Burning Mindset”
  • Create a list of positive physical aspects (even if you don’t think you have these currently).
  • Repeat these positive aspects to yourself as you are doing your daily movement.

E.g: This is what my fat burning mindset looks like: I like to specifically tell myself that I am in the fat burning mindset (when I am trying to lose a few kgs).

  • Each Low Carb meal I eat is helping me to look and feel my best.
  • When I get active I’m making progress towards my goal.
  • Each good food decision I make I’m one step closer to feeling amazing/achieving my goal.
  • Just 1 day of eating 3 great Low Carb meals and snack is a step in the right direction and will bring me more energy.
  • I love craving greens and salads! The past is the past and it doesn’t dictate the future. Today is a brand new day and a fresh start.

What is your WHY?

Finding your WHY is extremely important. This is what will keep you motivated when things get challenging. “I am starting Low Carb living because I want to…” I’ve outlined a few example goals for you below.

  • Have more energy
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Lose weight & tone up
  • Reduce my chances of developing diabetes
  • Medical reasons
  • Support a family member in their Low Carb journey

When I have achieved this I will feel/be/have:

  • Be extra confident and comfortable in my clothes.
  • Feel amazing in a particular dress for an upcoming event.
  • Have more energy to play with my kids.
  • Be jumping out of bed each morning instead of hitting snooze.

Think of ANYTHING that you will gain back by achieving your goal.

If I don’t achieve this, I will feel/be/have:

  • Lethargic
  • Tired
  • Disappointed
  • Frustrated
  • Depressed
  • Like I am missing out on life
  • I am not living my potential
  • Bloated or Frumpy

This will negatively affect my life because:

  • I know I am capable of more and I am letting myself down.
  • There is a special event coming up and want to enjoy every moment of it, instead of wasting time stressing about my body.
  • I want to be a better more energetic mum/sister/friend/partner
  • There are so many great things I want to experience but I can’t when I don’t feel good.

“When creating your goals, write down the first thing that comes to mind – this is your true self talking – listen.”


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