Do you find you need to work around the kids, when it comes to fitting in activity? Check out the tips below to help you move more with the kids.

Any activity that you can do with your kids will:

  • Teach them the value of moving more daily. 
  • Increases your fun factor in their eyes, although if you have teenagers it may increase the embarrassment factor lol)

8 tips to get active with the kids.

  • Setting up fun challenges between you and the family. A “50 star-jumps a day challenge” – Scatter them through out your day for fun. However you can pick a number like 20 to start off as a daily target or an exercise of your choice to do throughout the day. This also encourages them to move too.
  • If you have a bubs in a pram, going for a walk is a perfect cardio and resistance based exercise. Add an incline like a hill and work those thighs and bums 🙂


  • If you have little one’s that have DVD’s like Dora or the Wiggles, where they encourage the kids to move. Join in. They’ll love you for it and it’s a fun way to move.
  • Choose to walk your kids to school if you can. Or park a little further away from the school and walk some of the way.
  • For those of you who have fur-babies, taking them out for a walk.


  • WII FIT –  ‘Just Dance’ is still one of my favourite games to play with my nieces and nephews, and you work up quite a sweat. There are also some sport related games and fitness games that you can try to get your heart rate up.
  • Taking your kids to the park on the weekend or after school if you can. Or if you have time in the school holidays, look up activities that you can participate in with your kids.
  • School Holidays? – Plan activities that get you and the kids to be more active. Check with your local council or community centres to see if they are running any activities in your area.


  • If you take your kids to sporting activities after school. While they are training, since you are out there waiting.  Do some laps around the field to keep yourself busy.

If you have other ways that you keep active that involve your kids, or other family members. Please comment and share below.

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Next week we take a look at tips for people that may have a little more time to play with and are familiar with structured exercise.

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