11 Facts about our Low Carb Bread!

Our Low Carb Sunflower & Linseed bread is packed full of seeds to create a nutrient dense loaf with a nutty taste. It’s not light and fluffy like typical white bread, so keeps you full all morning. Our fave serving suggestion is sliced thin and toasted crispy with some natural peanut butter for a healthy brekkie on the go, or poached eggs on the weekend!

1 Loaf of Low-Carb Bread – 10 Serves of 2 Slices

alt image Low Carb Bread

Incase you haven’t tried it…. and are wondering….

🍞 It’s NOT soft white fluffy bread – if that’s what you’re after we are not for you!

🍞 It IS packed with Sunflower & Linseeds in a nutrient dense loaf.

🍞 It has a LOVELY Nutty taste.

🍞 It’s BEST Toasted!!! (Butter & Peanut Butter is my FAVE!)

🍞 It lasts in fridge for 5 days or frozen for 3 months.

🍞 It IS Gluten, Dairy, & Soy FREE.

🍞 It is SUPER EASY to make – no bread maker required.

🍞 It’s PERFECT for people wanting healthy, low carb brekkie options.

🍞 It’s PERFECT for anyone wanting to manage their blood sugars.

🍞 It can be used to make the following recipes:

🍞 We are PROUDLY an Australian owned company and use Aussie Ingredients wherever available!

You can order our Low Carb Sunflower and Linseed Bread Mix here.