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People often tell me that they really struggle with sweet cravings after dinner.

They want a little sweet after dinner treat – but obviously want to reduce the sugar in their diet – so are trying to avoid typical lollies and chocolates! If you too are looking for healthy after dinner treats – then read on as I have some great examples below.

There are many healthy, low carb treats you can choose that will satisfy that sweet craving without overloading on sugar and I have detailed my 6 favourite low carb treats.

Dark Chocolate

Lindt 90% Dark chocolate is the lowest sugar chocolate available from the supermarket. With just 12g total carbs per 100g block it definitely ticks the low carb box.

It definitely does have a very dark and quite bitter chocolate flavour. If you are not used to this – you may wish to start with the 85% dark chocolate as it is a tad bit sweeter, but still on the lower carb side of chocolate. The other great one is cadbury 85% dark chocolate at just 18g total carbs per 100g block. I would stick to 4 squares or less of either of these options.

As I always recommend – eat slowly and mindfully and enjoy every bite of your treat 🙂

Low Carb Panna Cotta

I know these sound fancy and hard but they are really not! You can make them with 3 simple ingredients – Diet jelly crystals in your favourite flavour, cream and milk of choice (almond milk is the lowest carb) I usually make a batch of 6 of these and keep them in the fridge to enjoy as I please. Sometimes I will have one for brekkie, for a snack, or for a dessert. My favourite low carb panna cotta flavours are Vanilla Berry, Mango & Passionfruit and Pineapple & Coconut.

You can also get creative and add in some frozen berries to compliment.

You can find the full recipe here

Coconut Rough Cookies – No added sugar and gluten free.

These are my favourite cookies 🙂 Made using my low carb cookie base mix – then adding dark chocolate, cocoa and coconut you end up with rich, coconutty, chocolatey goodness. They are really filling because of the higher fat and fibre content – so 1 as an after dinner treat would be totally sufficient.

The great thing about my low carb cookie base mix – is that it is just that. A base mix that you can add any flavour to, in order to make your own favourite flavoured cookies. The cookies are super easy to bake and last for a week in the fridge or 3 months in freezer – so you can whip up a big batch and then just thaw as you need.

I also usually have one wrapped up in my handbag in case I am out and about for longer than expected and need a healthy snack.

You can find the original recipe here

Low Carb Brownies

Yep that is correct 🙂 A brownie so healthy you can totally have it for breakfast, or as an after dinner treat. This beautiful recipe is actually packed with a hidden veggie – which gives it a nutritional boost (and may be a great way to sneak some extra veggies into the kids!)

Made using my low carb cake mix which is packed full of wholesome Aussie ingredients, and has no added sugar – this brownie is a must in your low carb diet.

My top tip is to leave the brownie in the tray, in the fridge overnight before slicing. Trust me it is so much better than when it is warm, as cooling overnight creates that fudgey chocolaty brownie texture that you will love.

This brownie proves that healthy baking can be just as delicious as sugar and carb packed alternatives.

You can see the original recipe here

Berries and Cream

An oldie but a goodie 🙂 Berries are one of the lowest carb fruits. Whilst we do recomend avoiding fruit on a low carb diet – if you are looking for a healthy sweet treat after dinner then a few berries are a great option.

You can choose from fresh or frozen – if fresh simply wash and slice, if frozen, microwave for a few minutes until warm.

To whip your cream, simply place a tub of cream in a mix master, or bowl with electric beaters. Add in some vanilla bean paste or vanilla essence, and a tablespoon of natvia or xylitol.

Whip up until it’s ready. Whipped cream will last for around 4 days covered in the fridge so why not have some on hand to go with your berries after dinner.


Now sorry if this one sounds boring…. But a cup of tea before bed can be a very rewarding experience! There are so many beautiful herbal teas available now – my favourites are Lemongrass & Ginger and Peppermint.

If you love a milky tea that’s also totally fine. My favourites here are fresh Earl Grey with my unsweetened soy milk. There’s no problem at all with milk tea, as most of tea is water anyway! If you really must sweeten, use Natvia or Xylitol.

I hope there are a few ideas on this list that tickle your fancy for healthy after dinner sweet treats!

My philosophy is Eat to Feel Great – and I really believe you can have the best of both worlds – healthy delicious food that also makes your body feel amazing and keeps you in shape 🙂