Low Carb Easter Eggs made from scratch….yes! its a thing (and it’s SO EASY)

After struggling to find Low Carb Easter eggs in the supermarket, we decided to come up with our own recipe that allows us Low Carber’s a sweet Easter treat!


  • 2 TB of our Low Carb Icing Mix
  • 60g Cacao Butter (100%)
  • 60g (3 TB) smooth Peanut Butter (can use any nut butter of choice)
  • 60g cocoa powder
  • Optional – a pinch of salt.
  • Easter Egg Moulds (we got ours from Coles on sale – pictured)

We used Chefs Choice Cacao Butter that we purchased from our local IGA, $9 for a 300g bag. We searched for this same product online and the cheapest we found was from Organics on a Budget, but it was still over $11 for the same thing! – Here’s that link so you can check out the product. Chefs Choice Organics Cacao Butter

We recommend checking out your local Health Food Shop or Independent Supermarket first!


  1. Melt Cacao Butter in a microwave safe dish, until completely melted (2-3 mins, stirring at intervals)
  2. Remove from microwave, and add cocoa powder and icing mix, then mix through and whisk smooth.
  3. Add nut butter and a pinch of salt (optional), taste and add more sweetener if desired.
  4. Carefully pour into chocolate moulds
  5. Refrigerate until set.
  6. In a warm oven add a clean baking tray.
  7.  Remove moulds from the fridge and pop out chocolates.
  8. Once the tray is warm, remove (ensure you do not leave the tray in the oven for too long, to avoid burning yourself)
  9. Press each half onto the warm tray, allow for the warmth of tray to melt the chocolate slightly (to stick both halves together)
  10. Press the half’s together allowing for the melted chocolate to glue each half together.
  11. Repeat for remaining chocolate halves.
  12. Refrigerate and enjoy.


This recipe can be changed to create different flavour variations.

Simply pick your Nut Butter base + Toppings = Personalised Chocolate

e.g Almond butter, with flaked almonds and no added sugar dried cranberries or blueberries.

Store in refrigerator.

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