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Lupin Flake has 93% less carbs than regular couscous, is packed with pre-biotics for great digestion AND is Gluten Free (Regular couscous is not GF)

Our Low Carb Lupin Couscous can work as a side dish, or can be used in tabouleh. The Lupin Flake ‘couscous’ really does take on the flavours of what you mix with it, and is great to use as a substitute for rice.


  • 1/2 Cup dry Low Carb Lupin Flakes
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 30g butter + salt ( add more butter or salt to your taste)


1.Pour Lupin and Water in a glass bowl and let sit for about 15 mins.

2. Microwave for 2 mins

3. Place butter and salt to taste and use a fork to fluff it up.

You can add different herbs and spices to the mix for a different flavour each time.

  • Fresh Basil, parsley or chives
  • Chilli flakes
  • Dukkah spices
  • Parmesan Cheese

Thats it! So simple and tastes pretty much exactly like normal Couscous.

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