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I came across a French and Danish variation of butter cookies whilst trying to come up with a low carb shortbread cookie recipe. My version was inspired by these recipes, but with a fraction of the sugar. These butter cookies are sweet, buttery and only 1g of carbs per cookie!!!   Ingredients 200g almond meal 60g… View Article
These low carb Spinach and Fetta rolls are a great meal or snack for those of us who are more into savoury baked goods. I’m always looking for a savoury breakfast option as sometimes I get too lazy to make eggs, and these are super easy to bring to work, as I tend to eat much… View Article
This Low Carb Cinnamon and Walnut Cake was inspired by one of the many cakes I see in the window of the cafe that I live above (Not sure if that is a perk or not) Best served warm with a dollop of cream (could also use coconut cream or yoghurt) Serves 10 (could also… View Article
How good are biscotti! Our Almond and Pecan Biscotti recipe was inspired by my nonna and my recent holiday. I LOVE these and I used to love my nonna’s homemade ones. I would dunk them into coffee or just enjoy them as is. I have been wanting to try a low carb version for so… View Article
This Lemon Yoghurt Cake is my simple take on the Italian Breakfast cake “Ciambella Allo Yogurt” was inspired by one of the many cakes I ate on my holiday.   Ingredients 1 packet of Our Low Carb Vanilla Cupcake Mix 2 eggs 90g melted butter 250 plain yoghurt Lemon zest of one large lemon or… View Article
Inspired by the ‘Ritter-Sport’ Honey Salt Almonds Bar.  My aim was to make a dark chocolate and almond bar with under 5g of carbs per serve. I tried the Ritter-Sport version a few weeks back and LOVED it 😍 However after seeing that per 100g was 51g carbs and per 25g serve was 13g, I wanted to try… View Article