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These Low Carb Monte Carlo Biscuits are a throw back to my childhood and the 80’s (which I know that these biscuits existed well before then) I have been wanting to create these for some time now, as these were one of my favourites as a kid. This recipe only uses half a packet of… View Article
This LowER Carb Christmas cake keeps very well. Its super fruit,  spicy and studded with almonds. You can use sherry instead of brandy if you prefer, it changes the taste a little. All the flavours of Christmas, with less than half the carbs per slice. Ingredients 1/2 (110g) a packet of our Low Carb Vanilla… View Article
This LowER Carb Christmas Pudding was created by Anna. She wanted to see if it was possible to create a Low Carb version of a traditionally high carb dessert. An 85g piece of store bought Christmas Pudding came with a whopping 56g of carbs. Our recipe 21g per 82g – so we have more than… View Article
This No added Sugar Cranberry sauce recipe is SUPER easy and is perfect for anyone Living Low Carb. Most store bought sauces have 30-40g carbs per 100g. You may wish to add a little sweetener to this recipe, as cranberries can be quite tart. Prep Time: 2 minutes Cook Time: 5-10 minutes Ingredients 1 cup Fresh… View Article
This Tropical Mango Passionfruit Panna Cotta is truly the taste of Summer! Only 3 ingredients – It couldn’t be easier. Serve 10      Ingredients:  2 Cups (500ml) of Almond milk or milk of choice 600ml bottle or carton of cream 2 sachet of Mango Passionfruit No Sugar Jelly Crystals. Method In a saucepan place… View Article
These cute Sugar free Gingerbread Men are super fun and easy to make. Perfect for a a homemade Christmas gift, or lovely to serve when you have guests pop over during silly season. This recipe only uses 1/2 a packet of our Low Carb Cookie base mix, which leaves you with another half for a… View Article