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There’s nothing better than a big juicy hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, eggs, cheese, pineapple, bbq sauce…… Oh I could go on forever!

Or how about some beautiful hamburger patties with a plate of tasty salads at a BBQ.

You need to be so careful if you’re buying shop bought patties as the majority of them are filled with starch, flour and wheat to bind them together.

Our criteria – 3g or less carbs per 100g and 80% meat or more

We have also included a simple ‘to-it-yourself- recipe to try at home 😀

Read on to find out more – I’ll show you what the best options are…

Our Homemade Burger Patty Recipe!

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The great thing about creating your own, means that you can play around with flavours. You could add veggies too (if you wish) I have created an easy ‘plain’ version, but I have experimented with adding in taco seasoning and cheese into this mix before, and it’s super yummy. 🙂

  •  500g beef mince (choose any mince really)
  • 1/2 bunch parsley
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 2 x eggs
  • 40g lupin flakes
  • 30g flaxseed meal

Combine together and season well. Pat them into the size you like.

  • Makes 4 large patties or 5 small. Large weighed approx 170g
    You could make them into meatballs or create mini slider patties.
  • No added sugar – Yay!
  • Added health benefits of flaxmeal and Lupin 🙂


Woolworths Gold



Angus beef (88%), caramelised onion, fresh parsley, roasted garlic, modified corn starch, salt, breadcrumbs (soy flour, raising agents), vegetable powder (dextrin, vegetables, sugar, salt, rice oil, yeast extract, spices), stock powder (salt maltodextrin, sugar, yeast extract, natural vegetable flavours, dehydrated vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, turmeric, chilli), yeast extract, cracked black pepper, sugar, mineral salt, dried parsley, preservative.

Meat %: 88%

Carbs per 100g: 1.9g


  • This has a nice high % of beef which is great, and at only 1.9g of carbs per 100g its a very low carb option.
  • Even though there is modified corn starch, soy flour, raising agents and preservatives in these patties, it must be quite a small amount to still achieve such a low carb count.
  • Overall these patties are quite good and I would definitely eat them!


Woolworths Select



Australian beef (86%), water, sea salt, maize flour, rice flour, herbs and spices, dehydrated vegetables, soy protein, soy fibre, flavours (roast onion, roast beef), preservative, canola oil, mineral salts, yeast extract, salt, dextrose, natural colour.

Meat %: 86%

Carbs per 100g: 2.5g


Another decent beef % but these ones have double the carbs of the Woolworths Gold brand above.

They obviously have more fillers in such as Maize Flour, Rice Flour, Soy Fibre and dextrose.

With the maize flour in these are not Gluten Free.

These are quite low fat compared to other beef patties but I’d prefer higher fat with good quality ingredients and super low carbs!


Farm Foods – Beef Burgers 


Beef (86.5%), Water, Rice flour, Onions, parsley (0.7%) Tomato Puree (0.63%) Sea Salt, basil (0.3%), sugar, sugar syrup, spices, 223, Oregano, rice bran oil, rosemary

Meat %: 86.5%

Carbs per 100g: 2.3g


  • High content of beef – which I really tried to find ones above 80% where possible.
  • Not sure why the sugar and sugar syrup is added :/ – I have eaten these and I do like the flavour
  • Gluten Free.


Beak & Sons Classic



Beef (87%), tomato, sugar, salt, vinegar, thickener, onion, herbs and spices, stock powder, food acids, preservative, natural flavour, garlic, herb extracts, spice extract, yeast extract.

Carbs per 100g: 2.0g


Whilst the packaging on this brand looks quite premium, and you’d kind of expect it to be top quality and healthy, its not.

With Sugar as the 3rd ingredients, then an unspecified thickener, preservatives & natural flavours as well as yeast, they don’t look that enticing!

It does have a decent beef % but I just don’t like the fact they’ve added so much sugar 🙁

Having said that at 2g of carbs per 100g, the stats aren’t too bad, but not my favourite option.


Woolies Beef with Pepitas



Beef 85% , Water, Pumpkin seed, Vegetable powders, Rice Flour, Salt,Sugar, Potato Starch, Chilli, Green and Red Capsicum, Herbs, Yeast, Citric acid, Natural Flavour and colour

Meat % 85%

Carbs Per 100g: 2.0g


  • Woolies Brand – slightly cheaper which is nice and 85% beef which is great.
  • I love that there are seeds in these. Always fun to mix and match.


Coles Grass fed Beef Burgers Oregano and parsley



Beef 87% , Water, Rice flour, Spices, Oregano and Rosemary

Meat % 87%

Carbs Per 100g: 4.0g


  • The is a LowER carb option as it goes over the 3g. I popped these in as the meat % was one of the highest.
  • Not sure why the carbs are that high, possibly the rice flour.


2 things to check before you buy any Beef Patties for your next BBQ

  1. Total Carbs per 100g – for Beef Patties aim for a maximum of 3g per 100g.
  2. Natural Ingredients – the more natural ingredients you see such as a high beef % and lots of vegetables the better. What I found with looking for natural products, the meat content was lower, higher in veggies like carrot, which then took the carbs higher – e.g. Peppercorn Beef Patties.  So I think its personal preference.
  3. Or you could head to your local butcher, if that is an option for you.


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