Updated December 2017

Nothing beats weekend BBQ’s with friends or family, and enjoying a few drinks.

It can be confusing looking at how many options of flavoured, sparkling waters and mixer drinks there are in the supermarket.

All of these diet drinks are similar – and they do contain minimal carbs.

If you don’t mind the artificial sweeteners, then you could include diet versions of your standard soft drinks.

Our criteria – 2g Carbs or less per 100ml.

Our Top Pick Sparkling Water!

Schweppes Natural Sparkling – Flavoured


Carbonated mineral water, Food acid (citric acid) and natural flavours.


  • These drinks are so refreshing on a hot day – and definitely inspire me to keep my water levels up.
  • Office Fave! 😀
  • Come in a few flavours – Grapefruit, Raspberry, Lime
  •  No sugar OR artificial sweeteners.

Mount Franklin – Flavoured lightly sparkling



Carbonated Spring water and Natural Flavours


  • This one has a slightly tart taste to it, which is lovely. I have added mint to it and ice. Makes it look and tasty a little fancier 🙂
  • Comes in 2 other flavours.

Natural Sparkling Waters.


Naturally carbonated water and sodium, thats it.


  • Comes down to brand preference, as each have a slight difference in taste and amount of sodium. I love San Pellegrino, but its a bit more $$ than other brands. But they are all pretty much the same.
  • Its plain, leaving it open for you to add your own flavours (sliced cucumber and mint) or citrus fruit.

Soda Water


Carbonated water, sodium


  • As far as sparkling mixers go – you can’t beat Soda Water. Absolutely nothing bad or hiding in it. I find it more fizzy than mineral water.
  • Yes it has a very plain and unsweetened flavour – however this is great because you can add whatever you like.
  • My favourite would be frozen Blueberries or Raspberries.

Schweppes – Classic Mixers




Carbonated water, natural flavours, food acids, sweeteners, colours, preservatives

  • I included these, as these are classic mixers (not mineral waters) but I felt they needed a mention)
  • These use artificial sweeteners


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