Fruit and Vegetables

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There’s a very simple rule to stick to with vegetables – Green is Great – Beige is Bad. This Low Carb Fruit and Vegetables List will help make things a little easier. The only real exception to this is cauliflower which is also low carb, but not green!

Stay away from all starchy vegetables such as potato & pumpkin. Carrots & corn are also high in carbs. Most fruit is high in Natural sugars so should also be avoided.

Listed below are the 7 lowest carb fruits – still, enjoy in moderation

Fruit and Vegetables List 
VegetablesAsparagus, Artichoke, seaweed, Bok Choi, Asian greens, Broccoli, Broccollini, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage (Red & Green), Capsicum (green, yellow and red) Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant, Green Beans, Kale, Leek, Mushrooms, Turnip, Silverbeet, Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Zucchini, snowpeas, Spinach
Salad VeggiesAlfalfa Sprouts, Avocado, Baby Spinach, Bamboo Shoots, Bean Sprouts, Cucumber Lettuce, Mixed Greens, Radish, Rocket, Tomato, Watercress, Fennel, Sauerkraut
FruitRhubarb, Strawberries and other berries, Grapefruit, Whole Passionfruit, Lemon, Lime, Apricots


alt image Low carb Protein

All meat is high protein and low carb, so works perfectly with living low carb. This Low Carb Protein List will help make things easier in the supermarket. Allow 150g of raw meat/ meat substitute (e.g. Quorn) per person per meal and then add around 350g veggies (mainly green).

Products such as rissoles, sausages & anything marinated always has added sugar, flavours and are higher in carbs! Check out the product reviews here to make sure you are making the best choice. Fresh unprocessed meat is by far the best choice.

Protein List 
BeefBeef mince, steak, strips, Roast Beef, Homemade beef rissoles.
ChickenChicken breast, thigh, drumsticks,chicken mince, BBQ Roast Chicken (no stuffing)
chicken Wings
LambLamb Chops,Tenderloin, Mince, Roast Lamb
TurkeyTurkey Mince, Breast, Roast Turkey
Deli Meats/ Other meatsBacon, Salami, Silverside, Ham, Sliced Turkey, Prosciutto, Pastrami
Chorizo, Gluten free sausages (look for ones with less than 3g carbs per serve), Kangaroo, Duck
SeafoodCanned Tuna, White Fish, Salmon, Prawns and other seafood.
PorkPork mince, chops, cutlets, steaks, roast pork
Vegetarian OptionsTofu, Eggs - Boiled, Poached, Baked or Scrambled, Haloumi
Super Low Carb Bread, Super Low Carb Pancakes, Lupin Couscous, Tempe, Most Cheeses (except fruit cheese)

Nuts and Snacks

alt image Low Carb Nuts and Snacks

It’s so important to have snacks handy at all times, as part of your meal prep. If you get stuck out without your correct food, it’s really hard to find a good option that fits into this low carb plan. Use this Low Carb Nuts and snacks list to help stay prepared!

Protein Bars should really only be used on occasions – max 3 per week. But for emergencies they definitely are convenient. Choose from the list below. Most of these are available at supermarkets and chemists too. Fresh is always best, but on occasions, convenience wins!

Note: Look for bars/ products that are 5g carbs or less per serve.  Avoid anything with sugar listed on the ingredient panel. There are only a few ready-made protein bars that are acceptable – I have detailed the brands in this list below

Low Carb Nuts and Snacks 
Protein BarsAussie Bodies range of mini bars, regular low carb bars, Atkins range of protein and chocolate bars, BodyTrim range of Low Carb bars. Any bar that fits the under 5g carbs per serve.
Nuts and seeds30g of the following nuts. Almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pepitas, sunflower seeds, pistachio, hazelnuts.
Supermarket Snacks50-80g deli meat, Olives, Cheese, 1 serve of Carmen's Low carb seeded cracker range, can of Tuna, can of chicken, mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, twiggy sticks, tub of yogurt
Baked GoodsALCK Cookies (see recipes), ALCK Pikelets (using the ALCK Pancake Mix) Muffins using Protein Bread Muffin Mixes or ALCK Cupcake Mixes

Dairy and substitutes

Who doesn’t love melted cheese on toast? Dairy can be so versatile if you know what to choose. Whilst you certainly can’t go overboard. It’s a great way to add some flavour to your meals and snacks for minimal carbs. Hard cheeses are best, as soft cheeses (like Camembert) are higher in carbs and also yeast.

Full cream and skim milk are quite high in carbs, however, who wants to skip their morning coffee? An allowance of 200mls / day which is one small latte or flat white is completely fine.

The General Carb Rule – All ingredients should have less than 5g of total carbs per 100g

Low Carb Dairy List 
CheeseTasty, Cheddar, Parmesan, Feta, Ricotta, Bocconcini, Haloumi, Cream Cheese. Most cheeses are fine (except for the fruit cheeses you find in the supermarket deli section)
YogurtPlain Greek Yogurt (Sweetened with stevia if required)
No Fruit Yoghurts,Sour Cream, Yo Pro Yogurt range, Chobani FIT range, Kefir (not sweetened with fruit/ honey)
MIlkUnsweetened Almond milk, or any nut based milk, Unsweetened Soy, The Complete Dairy High Protein Milk

Bread and Pasta

Typically bread and pasta have been a no go on all low carb diets – but the good news now is that there are some great low carb options available. Protein Bread, Our Low Carb Bread and Pancakes are all low carb and acceptable. These are great for a fast convenient breakfast – who doesn’t love peanut butter on toast with their morning coffee?

Remember this 1 simple rule – BEIGE IS BAD… All traditional pasta, bread baked products, noodles and rice (yes even brown) are very high in carbs and so you need to completely avoid them.

Bread and Pasta 
BreakfastProtein Pancakes, ALCK Pancakes, French toast using ALCK Bread (see recipe online) Low Carb Muffins using ALCK Cupcake mixes (see recipes online) or Protein Bread Muffin Mixes, Low Carb Cookies ALCK Cookie mix
BreadALCK Low Carb Sunflower and Linseed Bread, Protein Bread mixes
Pasta/ Noodles and RiceSlendier Noodle and Pasta range, Changs Low cal Noodles, Cauli Rice, Brocc and Cauli Rice, Zucchini Noodles, Bean Sprouts, Spaghetti squash


Low Carb Condiments

The best condiments to enjoy when living low carb are anything that is a single ingredient – fresh herbs are absolutely amazing.

All Sauces, marinades and dressings available in the supermarket are packed with sugar, please check here for our approved Low Carb supermarket brands

Low Carb Condiments 
SavourySoy Sauce - Gluten Free, Chilli - fresh or flakes - NOT Sweet Chilli Sauce, Ginger - fresh or powdered, Garlic - fresh, powdered or
minced, Spices -Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, Paprika, Cardamom, Rosemary, Thyme, Dill, Chives, Olive, Macadamia or Sesame Oil, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Tabasco, Coconut Oil, Sugar free BBQ and Tomato sauces, Pesto, Horseradish, Paprika, Sour Cream,
SweetSugar-Free Maple, Stevia, Toasted Coconut, Raw Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Mixed Spice, Dark Chocolate - we recommend Lindt 90%
BreakfastAll Natural Peanut Butter -only 100% Peanuts - 2 tsp per day only, Vegemite, Butter, Cream Cheese, Ricotta
SandwichMayonnaise, Aioli, Wholegrain Mustard, Fresh Herbs, Butter, Cracked Pepper


alt image low carb mixers

There are so many great ways to stay extra hydrated! It’s important that you are getting your 2L of plain water daily, however, the addition of any of these drinks is just hydrating you even further!

You can grab an 800 ml glass water bottle from most supermarkets, in the water aisle, that you can use for teas, hot water and also cold drinks. In winter it doubles up as a hot water bottle.

Avoid: All soft drinks, any bottled drink that lists sugar in the ingredients, all shop bought smoothies. All fruit juices apart from the 2 listed below. No alcohol.

Low Carb Drinks 
HotAny Herbal Tea, Black tea with a dash of milk, Black Coffee
Long Black with a dash of milk, Latte or Flat White (max 1 per day if full cream, 3 per day if unsweetened almond milk)
Hot Water - sounds strange but especially in Winter this is an amazing way to stay warm and hydrated!
ColdWater, Soda Water, Schweppes Natural Infused Water (Peach, Tangerine, Berry, Lemon & Lime), Unsweetened Soy or Nut milks, Kombucha (No added sugar), Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Mint & Kale Juice (Freshly squeezed), Diet / Sugar Free soft drinks (not recommended however if emergency much better than regular options)


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