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I never know what to call that week in between Christmas and New Years. Its like living in limbo for a few days. Left overs from Christmas are still hanging around, so we stretch out left over meats, toss out salads that have seen better days. 😂 We’re also winding up for New years celebrations.🎉🥂

For some of us , our good intentions of making use of time off to ‘be more active’ or focus on ourselves fall by the wayside. Personally, I find I am doing so much more catching up with friends and family that it feels like having 3 weekends in a row, within the same week.

Here are a few ideas to help us get through 😀

Aim to be active for 30mins everyday where possible.

Choose anything that gets you moving. A 20-30min walk or a mini circuit (push ups, squats, crunches etc) The great thing about Aussie Christmas’ is the weather, we can go to the Beach or spend time outdoors. Plan ‘active’ activities with the family.

  • Bush walks
  • Days out at the beach – Beach Cricket
  • Hiking
  • Start the day with 20-50 rope skips – if you have one 😀


You can find some other ideas about being active in the following blog posts:

Move more with the kids

Gym inspired workouts at home


Choose to bring a ‘Low Carb Friendly dish’ where possible

If you are catching up with people, and you need to take a dish with you. Try some of these.

Need a dessert? Try our LowER Carb Summer Trifle or our Pina Colada Panna Cotta


Going to a drinks and Nibbles event? – a variation of our Platter and making our Low Carb Arancini Balls or Lupin Felafel.


Pimp your salads with Protein. Try some of these kickstart recipes. Just increase the ingredients to cater for how many people you are feeding 🙂 There are so many, but here are a few faves. Low Carb Caesar salad, Low Carb Thai Beef salad or our Low Carb Tuna Nicoise salad.


The days in between the events, have quick and easy Low Carb staples on hand.

  • Leftover Christmas Ham and Meats
  • Pre-washed bags of salads
  • Bottle of mineral water
  • Frozen veggies
  • Cans of Tuna
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Nuts

Keeping it super simple. You may choose to pick some days or meals from the Kickstart plan. Or check out some of our simple Low Carb Recipes.

Set some Goals for the New Year. 

This is the perfect time to reflect back on what this year has given you, and what you are wanting for yourself in the year that is to come.

It will also help you stay motivated in between the festivities, and it gives you something to look forward to as soon as the clock clicks over to the New Year! 😀

This post was inspired by this article It is US based, but some of the points I definitely related too.


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