Flaxmeal is the by product of when Flaxseeds or Linseeds are crushed for their oil. The leftover meal is gluten-free, and extremely rich in protein, soluble & insoluble dietary fibre.

Where does our Flaxmeal come from?

Founded in 1992 by Fred and Coral Davies, Stoney Creek Oil Products is based on the Davies family farm near Talbot, in Central Victoria – about two hours north-west of Melbourne.The family company originated as a value adding business on the fourth-generation farming property, to contribute organically-grown products to the health food market, to provide employment opportunities for the local community – and provide tangible, ongoing support for Australian farmers. Stoney Creek continues to foster sustainable farming, and supports the rights of Australians to consume foods that are nutritious and not genetically altered.

What are the benefits of Flaxmeal?

High  Protein + High Fibre = You stay full for longer.

Because of the high fibre and protein content, it is a very satisfying food that keeps you sustained for a longer period of time, whilst maintaining blood sugar levels, preventing any mid morning or afternoon slumps.

Help to lower the risk for heart disease. Studies show a diet high in Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol and by preventing the build-up of harmful deposits in arteries. In other studies, where scientists studied large groups of people to find disease trends, increasing the ALA content of the diet corresponded to a decrease in risk of stroke and heart disease.

Diabetes Management

Studies show flax lowers blood glucose in healthy, young adults. The effect of flax in the diets of people with Type 2 diabetes is currently being investigated.

Regular Bowel movements

Studies in older adults show eating flax helps increase the frequency of bowel movements. What makes flax stand out above other whole grains is its mix of fibre. Rather than containing large amounts of one type of fibre, flax seeds contain generous quantities of both soluble and insoluble fibre.

Information proved by Waltana Farms: http://www.waltannagold.com

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